About M.S.A.

Knowledgeable and dedicated people at your service

M.S.A. Financial Services offers personal, professional and complete Tax and Estate settlement services to corporate clients, the self-employed as well as individuals. My team is composed of knowledgeable and dedicated people, including a Distinguished Financial Advisor, Tax Services Specialist, a Certified Executor Advisor, as well as a Sage Premier Advisor (Simply accounting) and Quickbooks specialist.

M.S.A. operates year round and the entire staff works together to offer you outstanding service.

But saving you money is only a first step to your financial independence. This is why we also offer workshops, conferences and seminars on your relationship with money.

Our objectives

Our mission

To work with respect, integrity and passion at making you wealthier, whether by making your business more cost-efficient, by retrieving sums to which you are entitled or by protecting your present assets, and to help you view personal wealth as an attainable target.

Why M.S.A.?

Susan Anderson, president of M.S.A. Financial ServicesM.S.A. stands for Margaret Susan Anderson. That's me!

Although M.S.A. Financial Services was incorporated in the year 2000, I started doing taxes in 1991, after taking the necessary courses in computerized accounting, taxes and French.

In 1994, after working for an income tax company, I started as Taxes-Impôts Susan Anderson while also being an assistant to a financial planner. Over the next 15 years, I have continued my education and learned more about investments, financial planning and taxes. As a result, I incorporated M.S.A. Financial Services in 2000 and in 2005, I became a full-time income tax specialist.

In 2009, I earned my certificate as Distinguished Financial Advisor, Tax Services Specialist from the Knowledge Bureau. Yes, I *love* taxes!

As my family-based clientele grew larger, the need for specialized assistance in estate settlement issues grew in importance as well. So in 2018, I became a CICEA Certified Executor Advisor, which allows me to assist you in settling complex estates, including those involving trusts and businesses.

With this expertise, I aim to become your trusted resource to address and solve your estate settlement and income tax issues.

Trust, respect and integrity are my main priorities.

Contact me now at 514-905-3888 or email me at susan@msafs.com to find out how my team and I can be of help to your specific financial situation and endeavours.

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