M.S.A. Expertise

Accounting is serious stuff…

... but it doesn't mean you need to frown. At M.S.A., we *love* what we do! So send your financial worries our way and we'll take care of them to the best of our knowledge. Our services include:

One-off consulting

We offer our expertise on a one-off basis and often represent clients to solve accounting problems and fix financial and/or governmental issues.

Income tax

Keeping money in your pocket is the first rule in attaining wealth. This is why we help you save taxes by using all the deductions available to you. If you own or co-own a small businesses, we help you set up your financial profile to distance your personal assets from your company's. An intensive interview is conducted before the taxes are done. We do taxes for:


The death of a close relation is an ordeal in itself. As testamentary Executor, dealing with the subsequent paperwork and making the best financial decisions for the heirs can be difficult under these circumstances. Assisted by a CICEA Certified Executor Advisor and by Experts in Income and Estate taxes, you can avoid numerous obstacles and fulfill your Executor duties with more self-assurance.

Our services include an interview to determine the best approach to properly settle the estate, to produce the final tax and/or trust return(s) (testamentary, spousal, family or final trusts) in order to wind up the estate with a minimum of complications.

General accounting

Whether you are a small or medium sized business or are self-employed, we make life easier for you by providing you with expertise and services in:

Business start-ups

Starting a new business can be a real headache. We will set up your business according to your requirements and make "doing paperwork" simple and easy.

Wealth seminars

What kind of money are you willing to have? If you don’t take care of your money, nobody will!

You have money? You’re not getting enough money? You don’t know how to handle money? You want to attract money? Come and take part in our Wealth seminars and discover a brand new way to attract, keep and make your money profit and work for you.

Contact me now at 514-905-3888 or email me at susan@msafs.com to find out how my team and I can be of help to your specific financial situation and endeavours.

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